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A Pink and Zebra Hair Bow Holder {Cute!}

Last weekend one of my bff's had her daughter's third birthday party and the theme was pink and zebra.  Right away I knew that I wanted to get her a gift with that color scheme.  I looked around a couple of stores but didn't find anything that really caught my eye so I said the heck with it and told myself to make her a gift.  I pondered for a bit and remembered that I had seen hair bow holders at holiday type craft shows and on the internet here and there.  I had never made one and figured it couldn't be all that difficult, right?  Nope it wasn't and I was actually surprised and a little pleased with myself.

Okay here is how beginner crafter me did it and if there is a better or easier way then please help a sista out and lemme know!  :)

Here is this pretty little thang I made.

Step 1:
I used a 16"x20" canvas, a bottle of bubblegum pink Americana acrylic paint, a wide sponge brush and a paper plate.  Oh and some newspaper too of course.

Step 2:
Let the pai…

The Witch Stop {Halloween Décor}

As much as I like and celebrate Halloween, I don't have much décor.  I am slowly building up my Halloween stash with every clearance sale on November 1.  J
With that said, I was able to use a few of the few things I have on hand and decorate one of my walls.  We have a narrow, almost bare wall that connects the dining room and kitchen.  All I have on it are two wall candle sconces.  Pretty boring.  Well this year I spruced the area up with a little Halloween touch and all for under $10.  Everything pictured below was purchased on clearance, sale or I already had it on hand.  I just had to get a little creative.

And this is what my wall looked like before the witch stopped on by and hung up her hat and broom.  I told ya it was boring.
First I bought two orange candles at Hobby Lobby that were 50% off and decorated them with some bat stickers that I got for 40% off also at HL.

Holy batman those turned out cute!  :) Next I took a plain yet glittery orange broom that I had on hand and dec…

Halloween Eyeball Wreath {Craft}

Holy Batman!  Lately I have had the major craft bug and I'm loving it.  I joined Pinterest a few months ago and my Halloween board was one that I was having lots of fun with so many great ideas.  Out of two pins I came up with this fun wreath:

My inspiration:  

        + Here is what I used to make it and how I did it: 12" foam wreath 2 black feather boas 1 pkg of small 12 Styrofoam balls craft paint & sponge brushes 1 pkg  of multi-color googly eyes hot glue gun Step 1: Paint the Styrofoam balls the color or colors you wish.  I painted mine orange, purple, green, red, yellow, and blue.  I used a jumbo paper clip to hold each Styrofoam ball while I painted.

I also used a dish grip separator thingy to hold on to the paper clip while I painted.  To keep it from slipping from my fingers ya know.  Oh and did you notice the handsome fellow there hitting on me?  :) I found that it worked best to pour the paint on each ball and then dabbed it in with the sponge brush.  Dipp…

Motherhood: Everyday I Am Shufflin'

I remember seeing that commercial many times when I was a young girl and at the time, I did not understand it.I just went with the flow whenever the grownups around me would say it many times jokingly.Well now, I get it.I totally get it. I am the proud and privileged mom to two beautiful creatures that the great Lord gave me and I could not ask for a better pair of kids.Originally, Mr. DP3 and I wanted four kids but after bebe numero uno, we thought ‘well let’s just see how it goes.’Ha.Yeah, we were beyond exhausted and the recovery process from my c-section was not all rosy and peachy.For now, I will not go there and please do not get me started. Anywho, we have our handsome boy and our beautiful girl.I am SO glad I have one of each.I really am and I just love doing the boy things and the girly things.As many parents have said before me, my kids are my pride and joy. So just, remember that I love them more than words could ever express and that they are my pride and joy.Okay?Just rem…

Chair Covers {Halloween}

I was browsing through the world wide web (as Mr. Bill Clinton calls it) looking for Halloween ideas hoping it would spark some kind of creativity when I saw some really cute candy carriers over at PB Kids.  They had a really cute bat carrier that got me thinking and wondering what I could do with a bat.  I then remembered that PB Kids had some Halloween chair covers a couple of years ago that looked easy enough to make yourself.  Soooooo, I attempted this craft project for the first time. 

Here is what I made for my lovely kiddos:

A bat for my boy with a kinda creepy smile.
And a Hello Kitty with a little Halloween touch for my girl.

I know, I know it doesn't look like much but it was my first time making something like this and to be honest they turned out better than I thought but not as good as I had hoped.  Clear as mud?  Good.  Now on to how I made them.

Step 1:
I printed out a bat stencil, cut it and traced it on black felt with fabric chalk. I used sewing scissors to cu…