Thank you, Pinterest (and Jacqueline Laurita)!

Hey y'all! Well this is a thank you post indeed because thanks to Pinterest my blog has received a lil bit of traffic due to the pins and repins from the projects I've completed. It tickles me pink to think others actually like what I have created and maybe got a little inspired.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with blog land, it seems like there are umpteen-millions out there and mine is one little itty bitty one.  It's no money maker for me or anything of the sort.  It's just a little side hobby that is fun, gets me creative, gets me off my butt and is sometimes therapeutic.  So with that said I appreciate you folks stopping by and lurking around from post to post.

So thank you Pinterest for bringing people over to my blog to check out these projects of mine. Click on each link to find out more about each project.

Dallas Cowboys Yarn Wreath.  Go Cowboys!

Pink Texas Chick

XOXO Valentine Yarn Wreath.  I just love these colors!

Pink Texas Chick

Halloween Treat Bags- My most popular post and I was quite shocked too.  For reals!

This Halloween eyeball wreath has received some hits.  My daughter helped me with it so it's a little special.  :)

Pink Texas Chick

Baseball Cap Rack- Another surprise for me.  I just went out and bought it and decided to blog about and boom.  I get visit after visit.  

Pink Texas Chick

My hall linen closet-  I was really happy at how it turned out and it still looks great!

Pink Texas Chick

My hair accessory organization.  All of those bins came from the Container Store and I so happy at how this project turned out. Like I looked at it too long.

Pink Texas Chick

A hair bow holder I made for my BFF's daughter.  I need to do an update post because I have since improved a couple of things.

Pink Texas Chick

And last but not least my Easter Egg & Vase Decor.  I think it was Good Friday when I saw one of Jacqueline Laurita's tweets asking people how they were decorating for Easter.  I had just finished publishing my post on these vases so I sent her the link in a reply tweet.  I asked her if she had liked what I just created and her response (in a retweet) was "YES!  CUTE!"  And just like that the RHONJ cast member sent lots of traffic my way.  Thank you, Jacqueline!

Pink Texas Chick

So these are my most pinned projects on Pinterest.  I would like to thank the academy Pinterest and it's members.  And there are more projects so feel free to stalk browse around while you're here.  I hope I can keep creating and blogging. It is a fun hobby even if it's just a few of you stopping by her.  Gracias!  :)

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  1. Oh boy, so many cute projects! The Cowboy's wreath will be a big hit with my husband, one big fan! I got to pin it ;)


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