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Friday, November 8, 2013

Cookbook and Magazine Organization

Hey y'all.  Right now it's like fifty something degrees out and yes I am cold.  Insert hashtag #nativeTexan and #coldweatherweenie right here.  Yep, that is me.  So with the cold weather upon us I started looking through my cookbooks and magazines to find some new soups and stews.  This is when I realized that I really needed to hunker down and organize this growing collection of mine.  I hit up the Container Store and bought some bins and magazine files and now my all-things-cooking-and-baking resources look like this:

And before all of my books and magazines looked like this:

It wasn't too bad before but now that I am a Food Network Magazine subscriber, it was starting to pile up.  Also when I got married over twelve years ago I only had two cookbooks.  As you can see I now have more books that teach me how to keep things spicy and when to stir the pot.  Hehe.  

My books and mags are on a baker's rack that has wired-like shelves.  Does that make sense?  Therefore the books were kind of wompy wobby so I wanted something that would contain them securely and were easy access for me.  

For the books and booklets I used the multi-purpose bins from the Container Store.  Two extra large bins and one small bin.  Using these bins allowed me to maximize the entire space on the shelf.  All of the books fit perfectly in the larger bins and I can easily look and grab for a book.  The small, narrow bin in the middle stores various booklets.  Of course the fact that the bins are transparent helps too.

Okay that lady staring back at us is totally creepy.

For the bottom shelf I used two pink magazine files also from the Container Store.  I only need two for now so over time this bottom shelf will get another makeover.  

One has my FN mags and the other has random cooking and baking magazines.  The rest of the shelf has a couple of notebooks with recipes, a few reference books, a baker's decorating kit (to be used in a class one day) and a cookbook stand & storage.

Over time I know I will accumulate more books and magazines so this organization format will change.  I also need to get rid of a couple of books that have lost my interest; and that will free up some space (just to be used up again).  I have a cookbook wish list ya know.