I'm not an expert at anything, in fact I'm a wannabe at everything: DIYer, crafter, cook, baker, fashionista & beauty guru extraordinaire. And so far I ain't bad BUT am still learning. Like I have lots of learning ahead of me. My blog is a little bit of this and that in my wannabe adventures; oh and random ramblings on family life, motherhood, and my kiddos. Y se habla español.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let’s Get This Blog Started (Again)

Okay, so I started this blog well over three months ago and I never finished starting it.  It was a half-arse start.  Not because I was being lazy but my ever so busy life interrupted comes first and my home computer goes wacko every now and again.  Gotta get that thing looked at.  Of course I can’t blog from work because well I’m working and like so many at-work-restrictions, my Blogger page is one of them (yet not others, weird!).
So why am I blogging?  Why am I now part of the ever so growing blogging community?  Why read my blog?  Well I decided to jot all my thoughts, opinions (okay, not all of ‘em), random thoughts, aspirations, wishful thinking, ideas or lack thereof and confessions with my friends and family and I guess strangers too.  I am on Twitter but sometimes a gal needs more than 140 characters to say what’s on her mind.  I also have a FaceBook account but I don’t consider FB the place to post long, detailed status updates.  I don’t think my FB community wants to see all that bidness on their smartphones while browsing off and on all day. 
Anywho (you will find that I say anywho quite a bit), I used to be anti-blogging.  Well I would not go that far but the thought of putting your personal life out there along with pictures made me think it was just plain ‘ol dangerous and scary.  “No way!”  “I would never do that.”  
Heck, I wouldn’t even do MySpace or FaceBook for that same reason.  But over the past couple of years I’ve come across lots and lots of blogs that are really interesting and I always look forward to a new post.  And it doesn’t seem to be such a scary bloggy blog world after all.  Although I will ALWAYS be cautious.
I also want to do things around my house, expand and improve my creativity, be a better cook/baker so I look for ideas and tutorials.  My husband and I bought our house almost nine years ago- July 1, 2002 to be exact- and we have done a few improvements; but I’m ashamed to say we could have done so much more by now.  We just didn’t know what to do, how to do it once we discovered whatever it was that we liked, and because we just didn’t know squat we just assumed every home improvement project was going to be $$$$$.  Wrong.  In fact, my husband just completed his own version of California Closets (sorta) in our master closet for a fraction of their price.  Go Honey!  A post (with pictures) on that later.  But here's one little preview.
That's my Honey shyly posing.

So as The Black Eyed Peas would say sing, Let’s Get It Started!