A Lovely Goodwill Find

Many DIY bloggers I follow have a common thread- shopping at thrift stores. Everyone gets a great thrill when they find that one item that needs just a little bit of love.  And then to be able to show it off and say “I got it at Goodwill!” I had that great thrill when I found this lovely thing.  Insert Irene Cara singing the theme song to Flashdance..."What a feeling!"  And then insert a split leap in the air.  Yep, that was me.  Okay, maybe I'm overdoing it a bit ya get my drift.  There are so many treasures to be found at your local thrift store.

So one Saturday afternoon after the hubby and I took the kids to Mickey D’s, we decided to go across the street to Half Priced Books. Goodwill was right next door and I told my hubby that I was going to peek in and see if I could find anything good for the house. As I made my way to the back of the store in the Home Goods section, I came across some pots and planters in the middle of the floor. And there she was, an oh-so-pretty blue and white planter sticking out like a sore thumb (in a good way).

I picked it up and looked it over for any major cracks, chips or discoloring. Nada. Obviously it was used but it was good to go. The price - $8.99 (compared to oh $30-$40 retail).  Yes, please!  As I looked it over I quickly began to imagine red flowers blooming in it thinking that would be the perfect contrast for this planter. When the hubby met up with me I said in my best Cinderella voice, "Isn't it lovely? Do you think it will do?" 

The next day we went to Home Depot and bought some lovely red petunias and voila!  My oh-so-pretty planter was transformed. Pretty and patriotic, don’t ya think?
What have you scored at a thrift store?

I just LOVE my new planter!
 P.S. Cinderella is one of my favorite movies and I am a wannabe Flashdance type of dancer.  :p

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  1. awe that's pretty. Love it. Hmmm haven't had a thrift store find in awhile. I guess I need to hit up my local thrift store soon.


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