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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Half Eaten Strawberries

I last told y'all that my girl and I made chocolate dipped strawberries.  I really enjoyed that time and we both dipped our fingers in the bowl once all the strawberries were dipped.  Of course we ate a few of them each day.  It was heaven and we munched on them like no body's business.  Although she ate hers a certain way.  I had taken a few out of the fridge for us to snack on and before I knew it they looked like this:

Before I could turn around and see what she was talking about I heard her say over and over, "Okay, I'm finish with dat one."  She was only interested in the bottom halves of the strawberries.  The halves dipped in chocolate.  So she left these for me to finish.  And then wanted more.  Tots do the cutest things!

Later this week I will be making Upside Down Pineapple Cupcakes.  I am a little stressed because it's for my husband's Popo's birthday and I was asked to bake a cake. 
Flattered?  Yes. 
Accepted? Yes.
Going to bake something I've never tackled?  Like a fool... yes.

{Confession: I love to bake but I am going to attempt these puppies for the first time.  I've never even made the cake version. Practicing first would have been too easy.  I.am.a.dork.}

If all goes well then I will definitely share that experience and I am surprisingly confident. Stay tuned.  :)