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Halloween on My Mind

Yes, we are still in the month of August and here in Texas it is triple digit heat yet I am already thinking about Halloween.Actually, I have been thinking, planning, web searching, and pinning all things Halloween.Folks, that is what happens when all the stores start displaying all of the Halloween and autumn décor before school even starts.My kid started school last week and I found all his school supplies alongside the Halloween items.Now that schoolis in session the Halloween aisles have expanded even more so.Oh and do not get me started on the Christmas décor.  Ay ya yay.  Well that marketing thing is working and I cannot wait to get started in my home.  Yep, I'm a sucker.
Check out some of the ideas I have come across while scrolling the web and are making my creative wheels spin:
Witches shoes decor from Better Homes & Gardens
Eyeball wreath also from Better Homes & Gardens.

Good Housekeeping shows a creative way to fill that fireplace.

From All You. …

I Heart Blueberry Muffins

Seriously, look at that deliciousness...

I don't know about you but this is one of my comfort foods.  Of all the pastries to choose from, blueberry muffins are ALWAYS at the top of my list.  In fact, I love just about every blueberry baked goodie out there but the muffins are oh-so-scrumptious and make me weak.  One of my first loves when it comes to food.Blueberry muffins are the reason I started to bake and made me determined to be a darn good baker.  Ahem, I must say I'm pretty good at it yet I still have a lot of learning and practicing ahead of me.  That's otay.  My good friend, Cristina, says it is therapeutic for her, and I have to agree.J
I first started making muffins from a box (gasp!) and didn’t attempt to make them from scratch until after I got married.I was so afraid of ruining them that and I did not want it to be a killjoy.Well… they turned out to be not oh-so-scrumptious.I was so bummed and disappointed.Obviously, I had become too comfortable and confident m…

Pink is My Signature Color

"My colors are blush and bashful."
"Her colors are pink and pink."
"My colors are blush and bashful, Mama!" In case you do not recognize the lines, they are from one of my all time favorite movies, Steel Magnolias.I watch that movie at least five times a year and refer to it almost weekly.When someone at work is frustrated I grab a helpless, innocent co-worker and say, “Here! Take a whack at Ouiser!”  Of course we all break out in laughter.In addition, lucky me that my hubby’s favorite chick flick is Steel Magnolias too.(rut roh he just might kill me for that confession) He just loves that scene when Inell discovers that there is beer in her Frigidaire.It gets him rolling every time.
Yes, I LOVE pink and I choose it over any color 99.9% of the time.I grew up with all sorts of pink things from toothbrushes, alarm clocks, trashcans, phone, house slippers, purses, wallets, furniture, carpet, curtains, etc.When I lived at home with my parents, my entire room wa…

Popcorn Theme Party Invitations

I am a bit of a scrapbooker and I first started out by making my son's birthday party invitations.  I had too much fun making his 1st Birthday Party invitations that I was on a roll for some time.  My sister-in-law first got me hooked on it and then I dabbled in it more and more.  Now I don't scrapbook or make invitations as much as I used to but I still find it fun and therapeutic when I get the chance.  This past weekend I came across a sample invitation that I had made for my co-worker's daughter.  Her daughter was planning a sleep over but wanted movie or popcorn type invitations to pass out to her friends.  They looked in just about every store in town that carried packaged invitations.  To their surprise they were not able to find any kind of invitation like what her daughter had in mind.  My co-worker then asked me to make the invitations because I had made some really cute ones in the past.  Aw, shucks she made me blush.  :)  She told me that her daughter wanted it…

Pictures: I Love Them!

“Get my camera!” That is something my husband is used to hearing from me.Or, “take pictures, hurry!”The poor guy knows that photography is a big thing with me.No, I am no pro or near pro or even amateur pro.I just like love taking pictures.I always have ever since I had my first pink Le Clic camera.Yep, I had one of those and I thought I was one cool teenybopper with my pink Le Clic that used disk film.Oooooh yeah I was clic chic because my camera required the expensive film.Oh how I wish I still had it.Just to have it ya know.
Well fast forward a decade or so and I am a late teens/early twenties girl working in the photo lab of my local grocery store.That is when I really took a liking to photography.I learned so much working in the photo lab and I was even one of the best at developing all of that 35mm film in an hour. {Brag note: I even had regular customers specifically request that I develop their film.Double fist pump in the air!} Yeah, you remember those 1-Hour photo labs.That is…

Goodwill Goodies

Well Mama (me) has been out of touch lately because I have been sickly again.  Therefore, I have been out of touch but I'm back for a brief moment.  I thought I would share with you all the recent goodies I have found at Goodwill.  I have made five purchases within the past couple of weeks and I am truly excited to dive even more so into the DIY world.  Here is what is ready to be tackled:

An old memo boardAn old letter holderSome kind of ceramic or heavy plastic decor pieceA beat up white table with lots of potentialA vintage like tool boxI plan to tackle at least the table this weekend.  And lemme tell I am beyond excited.  The table will be for my girl and it does involve pink.  That's all I will say for now.  Hopefully I can start it and finish it this weekend and then show it off.  Cross your fingers for me and hope that all goes well.  Eeeeek!