Pink is My Signature Color

"My colors are blush and bashful."
"Her colors are pink and pink."
"My colors are blush and bashful, Mama!"
In case you do not recognize the lines, they are from one of my all time favorite movies, Steel Magnolias.  I watch that movie at least five times a year and refer to it almost weekly.  When someone at work is frustrated I grab a helpless, innocent co-worker and say, “Here! Take a whack at Ouiser!”  Of course we all break out in laughter.  In addition, lucky me that my hubby’s favorite chick flick is Steel Magnolias too.  (rut roh he just might kill me for that confession) He just loves that scene when Inell discovers that there is beer in her Frigidaire.  It gets him rolling every time.

Yes, I LOVE pink and I choose it over any color 99.9% of the time.  I grew up with all sorts of pink things from toothbrushes, alarm clocks, trashcans, phone, house slippers, purses, wallets, furniture, carpet, curtains, etc.  When I lived at home with my parents, my entire room was pink.  Pink on top of pink.  It was my haven, my comfort zone, my getaway, and inspiration.  My bedroom was small about 8’x10’ therefore it was a cozy, pink haven.  My first car was a Geo Storm that was a pretty teal green BUT it had pink pinstripes on it.  My wedding colors were just like Julia’s in Steel Magnolias, pink and pink.  J  I had eight bridesmaids (yes, I know) and all were pretty in pink.  Now I have a daughter and I must say that I have trained brainwashed coached her well when it comes to all things pink.  I would say that 75% of her wardrobe consists of some kind of pink item.  I can gleefully report that pink is her color of choice.  She makes me proud.  It’s the little things folks.  The little things that tickle me pink.  J

A couple of months ago I came across this:

Right away, I told my hubby that I wanted a pink kitchen.  I mean, why not?  After all, I am the lady of the house and I do spend quite a bit of time in there feeding my family.  I quickly started brainstorming and I have a plan to convert my current kitchen into my pink dream kitchen.  I.AM.TOO.EXCITED. Of course I will share that transformation with you all once it is complete but to be honest I am sure it will take a few months or so.  That darn busy life of ours.

Meanwhile take a look at some of the pink projects that catch me eye when I blog hop.

*A pink chalkboard vase from Centsational Girl

cg pink chalkboard final

*A pink kitchenette and cute little birdies that make a playroom pop over at Sixty-Fifth Avenue. Adorbs.

*This little girl room makeover at Pretty Handy Girl. I love the pink walls!

*This cayute girly dresser over at Making It  Homey

*And finally this pink swing bench over at Maison Decor.  I must have one.

Those are just a few of the pretty in pink things that make me stop and say "ooooh what is this?"
Yes, I love pink and it will always be my signature color.  I grew up with it and plan to grow old with it. :)

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  1. Ha, ha, I was reading your post and didn't see the picture of my niece's bedroom and was thinking, "Huh? I don't have any pink in my house. Too many boys!"



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