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Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Showing Off

With the exception of the faux wood blinds on my kitchen window, it is a sad blank space.  There is no valance of any kind to spruce up the area.  We bought and installed the faux blinds as soon as we moved in and I always told my husband that I would dress it up later.  Nine friggin years later and nada.  Just like our closet.   A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted a better way to show off my kids’ school art activities besides slapping them on the fridge with a magnet or tape.  I do not want the fridge hogged up like that anymore and then I remembered that Young House Love displayed flash cards in their daughter’s room  a la banner style. 

Off to work I went and it was easy cheesy.  I bought four scrapbook sheets of paper from Hobby Lobby and I already had on hand the Mod Podge, sponge brush, ribbon white hooks and clothespins.

This is how my kitchen window looked before:

Here it is with the show-off school art banner:

My son's orange longhorn.
He is a proud UT Longhorn fan and a self-proclaimed future Longhorn.  :)

A close-up of my baby girl's giraffe.
She used her thumb for the brown spots.  :)

I will admit that it is not my ideal window treatment but I am totally content with it for now and this is a much better way to see what my kiddos have made at school and preschool.  They can also proudly show it off to our visitors and it can serve as a topic of conversation while eating.  I plan to change out their masterpieces every couple of weeks.

Here is what I used:

I traced the clothespins on the back of each scrapbook paper and then cut out the traced pieces.  Next, I applied the Mod Podge on each pin with the sponge brush and then adhered the paper.

This is also a fun craft for kids to participate in and they truly enjoy it.  Both of my kids took in on the action and wanted to keep going until we ran out of paper.  My son even said he would like to make some for his teacher. Such a sweet boy of mine.  :)