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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scrapbook Page Idea {Softball}

A few days ago, I was organizing my photos and I came across one of a scrapbook page that I made for my co-worker's daughter.  Her daughter has been involved in athletics ever since she was a wee one and is mighty proud to show off her got game skills.    :) One day I snagged two pictures of her daughter's softball tournament and decided to surprise her with a scrapbook page.  Honestly, I was nervous as heck that she was going to be mad especially since I took the pictures without her permission. 

Well, all's well and ends well because she loved what I did with her photos and so did her daughter.  Whew!
Here is what I made:

And here are some of the materials I used to make the page:

As you can see I made this back in 2006 so I don't have all of the materials I used to make this page therefore I will explain it as best as possible.
  1. I used a fun shaped paper punch from Stampin' Up! for the name.  I did the paper punch first then stamped the letters.
  2. I used a baseball glove stamp from one of my Stampin' Up! stamp sets; I also used Sticky Doos (adhesive foam dots) to make the gloves 3-D.  You can't tell on the picture but it is a fun way to spruce up any scrapbook page.
  3. I used star shaped eyelets from Making Memories (also on #4).
  4. The stamp set I used here was from Hobby Lobby (Stampabilities). I did write the word 'THE' because I did not have any stamps small enough for that space.
  5. A plain, type set stamp was used here and also for #1 (also Stampabilities)
The page was made on a 12"x12" sheet and I didn't measure for any of the trimming.  I first put the pictures (w/photo adhesive) along the corner of the white card stock. I then trimmed it all around with my paper cutter, placed it on the blue card stock and trimmed again.

I also did not pre-cut or measure for any of the wording.  Again, starting at the corner of the white card stock I stamped the words and then used my paper cutter to cut and trim to the size of my liking. 

There ye have it.  A fun and super duper easy scrapbook page to add in a scrapbook or display in a frame.  Fun and simple, right?