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Still Alive

Hola, hola!  Yes, once again I have been MIA from my lil 'ol blog but I had no choice.  I think I have mentioned before that our home computer is a little on the old and slow side.  Then upgrades or whatever happened on Google's end did not allow me to edit my photos in Picnik via Picasa because again my computer was not able to hang.  Long story and a very frustrating one but I'm back and I can't wait to share with you all what I did over the Christmas break.  I helped my grandmother, aka G├╝ela, make tamales.  Yes, one of the many beautiful Mexican traditions especially at Christmas.  Here is a sneak peek of our work.

Oh and why am I back now you ask?  Okay, maybe you didn't but my oh-so-handsome and wonderful-out-of-this-world hubby bought me a MacBook for Christmas!  He totally had me fooled.  Oh how I love him so.  Mama is happy and even happier to blog from my own bed if I please.  Oh happy day.  :)

Texas Proud {Dallas Cowboys Stadium}

Good day, fabulous people.  Today I am going to kick off my new little series I like to call Texas Proud.  I am a native Texan loud and proud.  I say y'all instead of you all and most times my multi-word sentences sound like one word.  Jueat?  = Did you eat?  Yacomin? = Are y'all coming?  I never knew "we" spoke that way until it was jokingly pointed to me one day.  Heehee.

So today I am going to brag about the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  Ah, yes that was one tough loss this past weekend but we still root for them.  :)

Oh this place that good 'ol Jerry built is grand and to sum up my reaction when we first walked in - WOW.  First, let me begin by saying that the mister, kids and I visited Cowboys Stadium for the very first time on November 4-5, 2011 for a Scout Sleepover and Rally Day.  Personally, I have never been to a Dallas Cowboys football game.  I have whined plenty about never going to one but I have yet to attend an actual game.  Still waiting to go to a gam…