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Ramblings and Resolutions of 2012

Heya!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying those football playoffs.  Our beloved Cowboys did not get very far, our hometown boy, Drew Brees, sadly did not get a win yesterday with his New Orleans Saints and today the Houston Texans lost their very first play-off game ever.  Big shout out to all and a huge pat on the butt back from me.  :)

Anywho, 2011 came and went and I'm ready to tackle 2012 head on.  Resolution wise anyway.  Here is what I have in store for me, my home, my health and my relationships.

Dive Into Serious DIY: I have been following a ton of DIY blogs for about two years now and I have been a dedicated viewer of HGTV and the DIY Network.  Enough watching and note taking and time to start hunkering down in the casa and attempt to do something.  Well I did revamp this pretty little thang BUT I've done nothing to the house.  I freely admit that I envision so much being done in my house but I am so scared to actually attempt it just to screw it all up.  Yes, I know it is a part of the learning process but I'm still skeered.  And what is the difference between a flat head and a Phillips?  Kidding. Not really, sorta, kinda.

Cardboard Box Clip ArtOne Box At A Time: Meaning donate no longer used items in my home.  From clothing to kitchenwares to knick knacks and everything in between.  We have way too many things that we longer utilize (or never did) and when we try to hunker down to de-clutter and organize we I get overwhelmed.  No, the mister doesn't get overwhelmed.  Heck, his attitude is get rid of it all and don't look back, Jack!  I on the other hand have a more emotional attitude about it all.  Well, I have finally had it with all the "stuff and junk" we have, that I told him I think it would make it easier on me if I just do the one-box-at-a-time method.  From now on, I will have an empty box on hand and I will fill it up with the things we no longer want.  Psychologically, it is much easier this way.  Once the box is full then it goes straight to Goodwill.  Yes, it might sound silly to some of you that I am just now doing that when so many people probably do that on a regular basis.  But like I said, I get overwhelmed.  In the past, I would have 5-8 empty boxes ready to pack but going through the whole house including the garage would take a whole weekend or even a week.  I would analyze too much.  So much so that I got on my own nerves.  Oh my poor hubby.  Today is January 11th and I am proud to say that so far we have donated about 8 boxes to Goodwill.  Yay us!

More Interaction, More Thoughtful Gestures: Last year I became a bit sad when birthdays or important events rolled around.  I wished way too many happy birthdays via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.  So did everyone else.  One day I realized it was pretty lame to wish a close friend or a relative "a very happy birthday and many more" via social media or text.  When did we get so lazy and selfish?  What happened to calling that person or actually mailing a nice and thoughtful card?  This past Saturday was my friend's birthday.  Sally is a beloved friend from church and she has become one of my rocks.  I had a very busy day Saturday and I was sick but I reminded myself that I needed to make this change.  I called her and we talked for about an hour and it was wonderful!  I may see her at church every Sunday but I don't get to visit with her much.  We (like everyone else) are so, so busy.  I am glad I made that phone call.  I miss chatting with her.

Woman working out near the beach on a pink exercise ball
Move It, Move It: I got to move it, move it, we got to move it, move it.  If you have kids then you probably guessed that I just "sang" that phrase from the movie 'Madagascar.'  I need to get my fitness on or better said get better at it and bring my sexy back.  I get on the elliptical a couple of times a day for about 15 minutes (while at work) but I don't do much after that little workout.  I do not belong to a gym and I do not plan on joining one either.  My schedule and daily life don't allow me to have room for a gym.  I once relied on Exercise on Demand for a selection of great workouts but that channel is now gone and I-is-sad.  Time to purchase some DVDs and download free workout apps on my iPad and sing "I workout!"  I can do this, I know I can.  Just gotta believe.

Organize and Let Go: This goes with my "one box at a time" goal and I am more confident in this goal than the move it, move it one.  Shameful, I know.  As I mentioned before, getting rid of "stuff" one box at a time is really helping and while doing so, little areas in my happy, little, humble home are looking better and better.  I have a long way to go but I am pleased with the little progress I am making thus far.  And I mean little, like baby steps little.  Our office, for instance, needs serious help.  That place is in serious violation with the local fire marshallPlease keep us on our toes.  

And there ye have my ramblings and resolutions for 2012.  Now, time to get off my laptop, fill up another box, call a friend and move, move it!

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