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Mama Is No Cake Boss But...

Hey y'all.  I thought I would share with you all my love for baking and decorating; but as you will soon see, I am no Cake Boss or an Ace of Cakes gal and I doubt I will ever be a contestant on Cupcake Wars.  I just love to bake all kinds of goodies and I love to keep learning and exploring.  I've always had a passion for baking but finally attempted decorating in just the past couple of years.  Having kids certainly spiked the interest and I'm glad.  It's fun, relaxing yet stressful but I love it.  As soon as I have some free time I am going to sign up for some cake decorating classes.  Why not, right?

Here are some of my wannabe Cake Boss attempts:

1.  Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes.

I made these last year for my daughter's third birthday.  What three year old does not love the fun and loving characters from Sesame Street.  I had seen so many cake and cupcake versions of various SS characters that I decided to bite the bullet and try some cupcakes myself.  I di…

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets + Fresh Squeezed Limeade

Happy Tuesday, y'all!  Did ya get your taxes in order?  Today is your last day! How do I know that?  I'm married to a nerdy tax guy that has been working 'round the clock these past few weeks.  I can't wait to have my husband back!

Anywho, those that know me well or have caught on to my blog know that I LOVE PINK.  I am especially tickled pink when I find a kitchen gadget in my fav color.  So I thought I would share a couple of them with you.  I have quite a few gadgets that I love to use over and over but I'll just share a couple and tell you why they are some of my faves (besides that they are pink).

My go-to gadgets that I use weekly and sometimes daily are
a large (gallon) quick-stir pitcher from The Pampered Chefa $1 cutting board from Target (about 7 inches long or so) a Pure Komachi 2 stainless steel knife (this sucka is sharp!)a lemon/lime squeezer, and my Kitchen-Aid dry ingredient measuring cups.  I only have the 1 cup measure pictured because that is the o…

Easter Egg and Vase Decor {Craft DIY}

Happy Good Friday lovely people.  Easter is my favorite holiday and sadly I haven't decorated much for this Holy celebration.  I have been so busy (I'm always saying that!) and I won't dare go up in the attic to get my decorations.  The attic freaks me out so I always send the hubby to get my things; although he too is a very busy man this tax season.  Anywho, I started this craft project a few weeks ago and just finished it this morning.  Seriously.

My Life Saver