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My First AND Last Shellac Manicure

Anyone ever heard of Anjelah Johnson?  Anyone ever seen her stand-up comedic act based on her experience at a nail salon?  No?  Watch it here and get a great laugh out of it.  I surely did the first time I saw it .  Remember, it's all in good fun.  :)

The video is about four or five years old and I laughed my arse off the first time I saw it and I still do 'til this day.  Probably because she nails it.  Pun intended.  :)

Well on the morning of April 27th of this year I went to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi because I was once again going to be a bridesmaid.  My beautiful, smart, witty and funny life long friend was getting married and I was more than happy to be there for her.  (I heart you, Janice!)  Anywho, I went in and told the ladies what I wanted: a polish mani/pedi.  I always get polish and never ever get fake nails.  I don't even know the proper terminology for fake nails.  Acrylic, right?  To be honest without being crude or snotty, I just never cared for fake …

Junk Drawer Organization

Happy Tuesday!  I don’t know about the rest of you but my body is glad that the Olympics are over.  Catching up on some much needed sleep is in order!  I am an Olympic geek and hard core fan.  I watched it all from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and everything in between.  I have such respect for all the athletes and how they push their bodies to do what it is capable of doing.  They are amazeballs and they most certainly inspire me.  Not to be an Olympian.  Gawd no.  Y’all don’t wanna see that.  They just inspire me in way that says it can be done and it is possible.
Anywho I wanted to share with you all my latest organizational feat.  My kitchen junk drawer!  We all have one and we all gripe about the crap in there when we are looking for something.  We’ve had our junk drawer since we moved in ten years ago or so and right from the beginning it was full of junk.  Over the years it go so full that it would occasionally jam while trying to open or close it.  Just like my …

{Texas Proud} Ft. Worth Stockyards

Hola.  Not long ago I told you all that we went and spent some time in the DFW area (okay it was really Arlington and Ft. Worth) to attend our very first Texas Rangers game.  That was a blast even though they lost and lost again after that game and the next game and the next.  The losing streak went on for a few games.  Whoops.

Anywho, our plan was to head back home the next day but first we made a stop at the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  Another first for us on our little road trip.  Dayum, we are born and bred native Texans and we had never been to a Rangers game or the stockyards?  Tsk, tsk.

Right away we noticed the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze that was featured on The Amazing Race.  We are huge fans of the show so my boy was excited to do the maze and of course my hubby joined in on the sweaty fun.

It cost $5 a person to do the maze but there is a free viewing tower for those that choose not to partake like moi.  My tot and I stood in the shaded viewing tower with an ice cold water.  :)

It took…