{Texas Proud} Ft. Worth Stockyards

Hola.  Not long ago I told you all that we went and spent some time in the DFW area (okay it was really Arlington and Ft. Worth) to attend our very first Texas Rangers game.  That was a blast even though they lost and lost again after that game and the next game and the next.  The losing streak went on for a few games.  Whoops.

Anywho, our plan was to head back home the next day but first we made a stop at the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  Another first for us on our little road trip.  Dayum, we are born and bred native Texans and we had never been to a Rangers game or the stockyards?  Tsk, tsk.

Pink Texas Chick

Right away we noticed the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze that was featured on The Amazing Race.  We are huge fans of the show so my boy was excited to do the maze and of course my hubby joined in on the sweaty fun.

Ft. Worth Stockyards

It cost $5 a person to do the maze but there is a free viewing tower for those that choose not to partake like moi.  My tot and I stood in the shaded viewing tower with an ice cold water.  :)

It took them about 15 minutes or so to complete the race.  The hubs did not expect it to be as challenging as it was (he was just ready to get out of the sun).  Our boy thought it was the neatest thing ever.  You know, to do a maze with your body instead of a pencil and an activity sheet.  He enjoyed getting lost and coming to dead ends even though he wanted to finish it as soon as possible to prove he and his dad were fast.  He was so cute running alongside his dad.  :)

After the maze we HAD to go say hi to the cows.  Yep, 'cause my daughter thinks they are awesome and she wants us to have a big house so a cow can live with us.  True story. (Yes, I know they aren't cows but that's what my baby girl calls them so the title stands just for her)

She totally had a conversation with each one.  Asking them what they were doing, did they want water, are they tired, etc.  It was too friggin cute I tell ya.  Oh you see the sign on the above picture?  Here's a closer look.

Um, I kinda didn't notice the sign because I was not paying attention because I was snapping away at my tot having a convo with her cows.  Obviously it was all good, nothing happened and a cowboy hat wearing sheriff did not scold us while chewing on some hay.  Hey I'm Texan therefore I can totally stereotype.  teehee.

After the cow visit we saw these ponies that made me a little sad.  I wasn't sure but it looked like they were hungry.  Their pretty little heads kept peaking out and their eyes were begging for something.  Aww.

After feeling sorry for the ponies we decided to go eat 'cause we were hangry! Wow that is bad segway into the next part of this post.  Whoopsie.  We took about an hour long break at Risky's bbq restaurant and it was pretty darn good.  Great customer service too.  Sorry I have no pics of their nicely air conditioend restaurant or their yummy food.  Mama needed a break to chillax a while.  I recommend you making a pit stop there if you are ever in the area.

On to some more random photos of our day.

Check out the longhorn crossing sign.  Only in Texas.

A poster of Mr. George Strait himself at a cowboy hat shop.  The man is a legend here.  Great music, great man.

Ah and I just love this quote by Teddy Roosevelt.  And lucky for me that I have the best of both worlds.  Being Tex-Mex that is, no way no how do I know anything about hard cowboy work.  But my beloved grandpa does and he was awesome when he did it back in 'ol Mexico.

We had about 30 minutes to spare before the infamous cattle drive so we treated the kids to some candy binging over at The Candy Barrel.  Oh my goodness.  The kids were in heaven.  I have been to candy stores before but this place  was over the top!

They even had some old school candy! But check out the price on the Pop Rocks. $2 for lil bag.  Eeesh.  But your bottom dollar the hubs and I grabbed a couple of bags. Memories of the 3rd grade. :)

Candy cigarettes, anyone?

Oh jeez I could go on with the candy photos but this is getting to be one looooong post.  On to the cattle drive, people!  Okay so we already knew about the steers walking down the street just like how they did way long ago but we did not know it would be over in a New York minute.  Nonetheless, it was pretty neat to see the beautiful animals and their very respectful longhorns.  And I've never been so close so I admit that I was a bit timid as they walked passed us just inches away.

And just like that it was over.  My son gave us quite the laugh when he stood up and said, "That's it!  We waited to see that.  What's the big deal?"  Haha.  Yes, it was short and sweet but oh well when in Rome or whatever.  But in case you are wondering there was a guide there to see the span of a longhorn. All the kids were standing in front of it stretching out their arms to compare.

Oh and there was a Cowboy Church.  Of course.

There ye have it.  Sorry for the long post but sometimes you just gotta tell the story in pictures.  See y'all laters!

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