Dallas Cowboys Yarn Wreath {Craft DIY}

Happy September, everyone!  I love this month not only because it means that Fall is around the corner but because it is also my birth month.  I turned 38 a week ago and I'm embracing my new age just like I do every other age.  Go me!  :)

Anywho, let's get down to it shall we?  September also means the start of football season so what better way to kick it off then with a little pride of our favorite NFL team.  Yep, yep!  This week I thought I would show off a wreath I made at my boy's request.  He wanted some Dallas Cowboys decor and a wreath was the first thing that came to my mind.  I did not want it to be too girly so this is the best that I could create in my mind and the execution wasn't too bad.  I mean he does like it so I guess that's good, right?  

I present to you my Dallas Cowboys yarn wreath.

Pink Texas Chick

After making this Valentine yarn wreath I said I would never do one again but I figured that making a football wreath out of yarn would be better than ribbon.  Well at least for the boys in my house.  Of course this ain't no manly wreath (is there such a thing?) but my goal was to not make it too girly.  

Here is what I used:
- 1 14" foam wreath
- "I Love This Yarn" in Denim (I think)
- White wood chip letters 
- Silver and blue glitter card stock paper
- Bling adhesive in light blue
- Football wood chip decor
*all items were purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael's either on sale or with a coupon*

I wrapped the yarn around the wreath a total of three (3) times and I used my all time favorite craft glue to glue down the end piece.

I then got to work on the the star.  I did my best to recreate the infamous Dallas Cowboys star and I even used the same star print-out that I used when I made my charger decor plates.  The print-out I used had a thick black line around it so I used the whole star for the silver star; I then cut out the black line and used the solid white star to cut out a blue star.  I hope that all made sense.  I then used the craft glue to stick 'em together and let the stars set while I got to work on the letters. By the way, I traced the stars on the back side of each card stock.

I could not decide what letters to use until I put them next to each other.  Clearly one set was too girly and way too small for the wreath.  You can't tell in the first picture but the bottom letters are glittery, small and girly.  Remember we are avoiding girly here.  Oh but wait I added some bling to the wood chip letters I chose.  Oopies.  :)
Oh and I used the same craft glue on the letters and the football.  

As for the star, I used a very small hole punch and some white string so that it could hang from the wreath.  I punched a hole at the very top of the star threaded the string through it and tied it around the wreath bring the star to top as much as possible.  The string is thing enough that it blends in well with the yarn and kinda looks invisible.  You really can't tell but I used more craft glue to pat down a small section of the string so that it would not spin around constantly.  I wanted the star to only face one direction so I thought that using a bit of glue would prevent it from spinning every time the front door was opened and closed.

I let it all dry and set for a good 24 hours before I hung it on our front door.  I admit that it did not turn out as "neat-o" as I wanted it to but I got a thumbs up from my hubby and my boy. And some of my friends like it too.  Yay!  And Go Cowboys!


  1. My husband would love this; he's been a Cowboys fan since he was a kid. I heart the Ravens though...I'd love to see this in purple and black. ;) Team rivalry aside, you did a fabulous job, it looks really great! I'd love for you to share it here:

  2. Cute concept for a wreath even though this is my particular team of choice! ;)


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