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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Glass Vase Snowman Decor {Craft DIY}

Hello peeps!  Who is still stuffed from all of the Thanksgiving deliciousness?  Or broke from those fab after-Thanksgiving sales?  I don't do the whole crazy shopping thing but I am stuffed and happy.  I got to watch lots of t.v. and in my jammies.  Woot!  

On to my latest project, except I made this last year so I'm kinda lying.  I never got to share this with you guys because of lots of computer problems.  Anywho, I made a snowman using two floral vases.

I was inspired to make this snowman after I saw another blogger make with decor with round floral vases.  She used different glitter for each vase and then topped each one with a witch hat.  It was classy and cute.  And darn.  I wish I could remember that blogger and her site. 

Well here is how I got down to business when making this snowman.


2 - round floral vases
1 - sponge brush
Mod Podge
1 - small jar of white glitter
2 - sheets black felt w/glitter
craft or felt glue
2 - lids from food canisters (like oatmeal)

And just so we're clear, you need two vases for this fella.  :)

First, you pour a little of the Mod Podge into the vase and quickly begin to spread it around with the foam brush.  Add more if you need to as you go along but whatever you DON'T pour too much all at once.  Ahem, I speak from experience.  

Now forgive me but I don't have anymore pictures of this process.  I had to work quickly before the Mod Podge (MP) dried too much.  So basically what I did was pour the MP, coat the vase with it using a foam brush and then I poured in some glitter.  Holding the vase with my hands and on it's side, I tapped and turned the vase around to move the glitter around and have it grab on to the MP.

I used about half the jar of glitter for both vases.  Oh and be sure to completely coat the vase with MP.  Leaving gaps or even small streaks will not give it a good look once the glitter is set and dried on to the MP.  My test vase looked like this.  Again, no pics.  Sorry.  :)

While the MP and glitter dried, I made the snowman's top hat.  I cut the black glittered felt sheet lengthwise at 3 inches.  

I then glued the ends together with the craft glue.  I also used the different size canister lids to make the bottom and top of the hat.  

I wanted the bottom of the hat to be slightly bigger than the opening of the vase.  

Once I had those two coverings cut out I put the hat together.  I did not glue them together mainly because I did not think it would work and because I wanted to be able to put it all away easily once the holidays are over.  

Basically, I just stacked everything on top of each other.  The two vases and the hat parts.  Again, I want to be able to put it away properly when it's time.

Ah but I did find some red ribbon and glue that on the hat part.  

I was going to add a face to my snowman but in the end I liked it better like this.  Simple, pretty and classy.  That's been my motto lately.  :)

Oh and before I forget, I bought all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  The vases were on sale for half off and I used a coupon for the Mod Podge and glitter.  Y'all like my snowman?  :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favorite Night Time App

Hey everybody!  I hope all my fellow Americans went out and rocked their vote today.  I'm so glad all this election bizness is almost over and done with and we can happily move on to the next mudslinging event.  (insert sarcasm)

Anywho, lots of my Facebook friends are saying what they are thankful for each day and today I thought I would let you all know that I'm thankful for the Ambiance app on my iPhone and iPad.  The best white noise app in my opinion.  And it's free!

And my favorite sound selection on Ambiance is Rain and Thunder in the Rain category.  It soothes me and my kiddies to sleep and there have been mornings when I wake up thinking that it actually rained the night before.  :)

Oh how I have loved white noise since the days we brought my son home from the hospital.  I quickly realized the importance of white noise and finally "got it" after hearing people talk about it here and there.  Oh yes siree Bob is white noise a necessity in my home.  The kids fall asleep faster and much easier with a little background noise.

Every night when I tuck the kids into bed, I have the iPad in hand and they tell me which sound they want for the night.  Sometimes it's an ocean sound and sometimes it's a rain sound.  So far this is what they like and we have not gone past these two sounds.  Although the app has 27 different sound categories (free) to choose from and then they have their premium sounds which cost $0.99 each.  They even have an Animal sound category.  Grunting pigs or howling monkeys, anyone?  Yes, those are real sound selections. 

Another favorite feature about this app is that it has a timer.  I remember when it didn't have a timer and it would drain my battery dry.  Now I get to choose a timer when I tuck the kids into bed or when I tuck myself into bed.  Yes, every now and then I need this app to help me fall asleep.  There are nights when I have too much on my mind and I need help getting some zzzzz's. 

Anyone else love this app as much as my kids and I do?  May you all have a restful night tonight.  I suggest using this app if you need help.  :)