I Won A Twitter Prize Basket!

Who hasn't heard of Twitter?  Like everyone has, right?  I jumped on the bandwagon a couple of years ago and have been tweeting away since.  Once I accidentally joined in on a Twitter chat party because I saw a #hashtag that caught my attention and I replied.  Don't remember what it was about but 30 minutes later or so I was thanked for joining the chat party.  Huh? Well I soon caught on have participated in a few here and there.  I try not to do too many because I know it can drive followers crazy so when I do a Twitter party I try to stick to replies only.

Anywho, I joined in on a chat party this past December when one of my friends (Hi, Teresa!) replied with the hashtag #LatinaHolidayBeauty.  Of course that caught my attention so I looked at the feed and I joined the other gals.  It was a chat about all things beauty and sharing each others tips.  It was fun and I enjoyed it.  :)

Well at the end of the chat party I received this tweet from Latina Magazine.

Shoot yeah I messaged them my information and within a few weeks I came home to a brown box sitting at my door step.  And inside was a basket full of beauty products and some great ones too!

Oh I was so giddy when I opened up the box and started looking at all the products.  I'm telling ya, I was like a little girl on Christmas morning.  What is it about getting a rush when you win something?  Big or small we all get excited just to win something.  I mean look at all those folks trying to catch a free t-shirt (that they would never pay for) at sporting events?  It's just fun.  But even more fun when you get beauty products.  Well in my opinion.  :)

Here's a break down of what was in my beauty basket.
-Two full size bottles of Pantene's Classic shampoo & conditioner.

-Aquis wash cloth, an Ecotools shower mitt, a loof sponge and a full size bottle of Olay body wash.

-A Venus disposable razor (yes!), some CoverGirl nail files and a CVS nail kit.

-And last but not least: CoverGirl eyeshadow quad, two CG eyeliners, two CG Lash Blast mascaras and an Ecotools makeup brush set.  

Aaaaaagggh!  Lemme tell you that the Lash Blast mascara is one of my favorites.  And I got two of them!  It is an awesome mascara and if you've never it used then I highly recommend you buy yourself one.  Your eyelashes will look fab!  And I currently own other Ecotools makeup brushes and I am quite happy with them so I was ecstatic to get these brushes and try them out.  

Oh and I can't forget to mention the basket that has already come in handy.  So yeah I am pretty much a girly girl and I love all things beauty so winning this prize made my day.  Even my baby girl oohed and ahhed as I opened the box.  She was excited for her mommy because she knows how much I love makeup.

I think I will stick to Twitter chat parties and see what else I can score.  Hasta! :)

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