M.I.A. Blogger And A Label Maker!

Hola beautiful people!  I am back and hopefully on a more regular basis.  These past November through February months (now) have had me so busy that honestly I was just too drained to share anything.  I have also been too busy to craft, DIY or whip up anything in the kitchen to share with you all.  Well I did make my daughter a Barbie cake for her birthday a couple of weeks ago but my photos came out un-Pinterest worthy.  Womp, womp.

It actually makes me a little sad (lack of posts) especially since there are some folks that read my blog and ask me when I'm going to have another post.  I'm like genuinely excited when someone asks me about a new post because I didn't think many people read my blog except for me, me and my sweet co-worker, Tabitha.  Hi, Tabitha!  :)

But since I'm back I am thinking of some posts to share with you all and to start off my little come back, I'll share with you all my January Costco find.  A label maker!  Woot!

I guess to kick-off the organizing month, Costco was stocked up on an array of organizing items including this Brother P-touch PT-1880c label maker.  If memory serves me right, I think I paid about $32 or so for the label maker, two cartridges and the batteries.  I thought this was a pretty good deal and I have been wanting and needing one of these babies for a very long time.  

Not long after I got home I busted it open the package and got to making my first label.  The first word did not come out so great and I guess that is because it was the start of the tape.  I printed two more "WATER" words so that I could use on an organizing project that I had started at the same time.  The only downfall to this label maker (which I already knew about) is how much tape is wasted in between start and end.  Too much space is allotted and the only way to cut down on that is to type all of your desired words in one sitting and space out as you desire.  See my example below.  grrrrrr.

I'll show you all in my next post why I printed out a water label.  Until then have a good week and I hope to see y'all on the flip side (whatever that means).  Ta ta!

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