My Attempt At A Barbie Doll Cake

Hola lovely people.  Today I am home unexpectedly because although my baby girl's dental appointment went well; she herself isn't feeling her normal pinkalicious self.  We are self-proclaimed pinkalicious gals. :)

So how about I tell you about my darling daughter's birthday cake while she naps?  She turned the big girl five over a month ago and she demanded requested that I make her a Barbie doll birthday cake.  She came across this YouTube video last summer (she likes to watch baking videos like mommy) and decided right then and there that the doll cake was going to be her next birthday cake.  So I watched the video more than a few times and paid close attention.  I told myself to practice but noooooo I was too busy to do that so my first and only attempt it was for her birthday.  I'm a dodo bird.

I'm a dodo bird for not practicing and for not taking many pictures of the cake. This is the most decent one I have taken by my aunt.

Pink Texas Chick

How obvi is it that this was done by no Cake Boss? Lucky for me that my precious girl did not care.  Ignorance is bliss.  I pretty followed the directions given in the video but I made the cakes and frosting from scratch.  I'll provide the recipes on my next post along with other details.  Here is how I made the Barbie doll cake.

I baked three 8 inch round cakes and one cake in a large Pampered Chef mixing bowl.   The PC bowl was used to help form the dress part of the cake.  I used a very small Tupperware container to score the center of each cake to make a cut-out.  (Didn't have a biscuit cutter)

Oh did you notice that the pics above show this cake did not bake all the way through?  The two pictures above and the one below is of the cake I baked in the Pampered Chef bowl.  For some crazy reason it did not bake all the way and it was the outside that was not fully baked.  Crazy!

Grrr! I had no time to bake another one in the large bowl so I whipped up some cupcakes since this part of the cake could not be eaten; but I still needed this "dress" part of the cake to construct the doll cake.  Mama had to think quick on her feet and march on, folks.

So again each cake had the center cut out to make room for Barbie once she was inserted through each layer.  I first stacked the three 8 inch cakes frosting each layer.  I then stacked the not fully baked dress part of the cake on top of those three cakes and began to frost it as well.  Again, although it was not fully baked I needed it to complete the look, if you will.  

Those are strips of wax paper that you see at the very bottom of the cake.  The strips make frosting a cake much easier that way there is no mess on your presentation board.  You remove the strips once you are all done frosting and voila it looks purdy!  This tip is in the video but I already knew this one.  :)

Now I have no pictures of this step but I after I finished frosting the cake I used a strip of regular paper (like for your printer) to smooth the frosting.  I cupped the cake with the paper and smoothed it going upwards.  Then I used my small off-set spatula to make these swirly things for the dress.  Cause you know I was running out of time and I'm not trained with any fancy decorating skills.

Next I inserted my already Saran wrapped Barbie into the stack of cakes.  I wrapped the doll from the chest down in plastic wrap.  Her big birthing hips almost didn't fit in the cake.  Whew!

Once I got Barbs in I frosted her torso and tried to make it a little fancy. Tried.  You can still see part of the cake through the frosting but I gave it my best shot, right?

See the emergency cupcakes in the back?  Thank goodness my Mama bought me two of those 24 cupcake pans.  Yes, I made forty-eight cupcakes on top of the the Barbie cake I made.  We always have lots of guests.  It's a um, Hispanic thing.  :)

So here is my masterpiece again.  Well according to my daughter anyway.  Oh and I used the tiniest hair clips to hold up Barbie's hair and used of the many doll tiaras in my daughter's collection.  And of course it was all pink.  Pink is our signature color.  Yes, Pepto-Bismol threw up at my wedding and continues to do so in my life.  :)

Pink Texas Chick


  1. So cute! I made a doll cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday many years ago and she was thrilled! Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest - Happy Saturday!

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  2. Good job!!! I don't know that I would attempt it, but you did a great job with the cake.

    1. Thanks! I can't believe I actually did it myself! :)


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