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Friday, March 1, 2013

Simple Scarf Organization {DIY}

Happy first day of March people!  Can I tell you that I have been through lots of stress these past two weeks?  Ay, ya yay I tell you.  Anywho, on to why we're here.  I moved my scarfs from my coat closet to my master closet.  I got the idea from the Lowe's Facebook page and right away I knew this was going to work better for me and would not frustrate me (I hope).

Here is what I put together on the inside of my closet door spending only a few dollars.

First let me tell you that I don't have many scarves.  I have about eight or nine total but I loooove them.  After this project I am "remembering" to look out for some pretty spring and summer scarves.  I am also not one that hangs up her scarves in a pretty knot like how they are displayed at the stores.  I gotta be real, y'all, this method is faster and easier for me.  And when I'm ready to wear one I just grab it and slip it out of the ring.  When I'm done I fold the scarf in half and loop it through the ring.  Easy, right?

Here's the breakdown of my simple little project. I used a pant hanger that had broken clips and I asked my husband to remove the clips.  He was happy to play with one of his tools.  Giddy like a kid that just received a surprise ice cream treat.  He used his Dremmel tool to remove them and had lots of fun doing it.  Boys and their toys.  :)

While he did that I cleaned the entire closet door with a Mr. Clean eraser.  Next I used the hanger to determine where I wanted to hang it on the door.  No measuring tape needed for this, I just eyeballed it.  After I picked my spot, I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol (for the Command hook) and then I marked the spot with a pen for better guidance.

Next I slapped one of these Command hooks and waited an hour as instructed by the package directions.

Let's pretend we're waiting hour and have a look at where I had my scarves before this mini project.

I had the scarves in between coats and jackets.  (Same closet that houses the ball caps) Not only that but they were on an Ikea scarf holder that I liked at first and then not so much.  You see I was not able to slide the scarves out or back in when I was putting one up.  And since the scarf holder was made of some kind of rope-like texture, there was too much friction when grabbing a scarf.  It wasn't working out for me so I got to work not long after getting the idea from Lowe's.

Okay so after I waited an hour for the Command hook to set I hung the pant hanger minus the broken clips, and inserted some shower curtain rings that I bought a Wal-Mart.  

Now here is quick transformation in fast forward.  :)

For NOW this is the final project.  I still have room for another hanger below this one but I am testing it out.  I like it and it is a great use of space but I want to be completely sure that I want to keep it this way.  And as you can see I only have six scarves here so there are a couple left.  That's okay because so far I'm liking this new set up so I'm guessing that there will be a new set up in the near future and maybe a few new scarves too.  And thank you Lowe's for the idea!  You like?