Caving In To Instagram Little By Little

Hola people!  I thought I would share the fact that I am the last to catch the gravy train and FINALLY decided to start using Instagram.  I heard about the app not long after it debuted but I (for some odd reason) had no interest.  It was odd to me because I love, love, love to take pictures.  I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I love to click and shoot away especially when it comes to my kids.  A little bit about that here.

So with all that said I had a "meh" attitude about Instagram until early Fall last year.  I already had the app on my iPhone but after two attempts of  "trying it out" I thought I would take a stab at it one more time.  I guess the third time was the charm because I definitely had an appreciation for it and actually enjoyed playing around with all the filters.  And I think it was some of the Instagram photos I had seen on Twitter and Facebook that turned me off in the first place.  Yep, I totally rolled my eyes every time I saw a picture of someones coffee, sleeping cat or frying bacon in a pan.  You need a sexy, cool filter for that shit?  Excuse my French but those were my thoughts at the time.

Well look who took a picture of her coffee one morning.  Sentimental side note: I bought this mug at DisneyWorld on my honeymoon.  It has been my favorite cup ever since and the one I use the most.  :)

(why yes that is coffee with my creamer)

What a bandwagon hypocrite.  Teehee. But I fully admit that I have slowly warmed up to the app that a gazillion people use on a daily basis.  And I have discovered a couple of accounts that spark my interest because of one of my hobbies: baking.  CupcakesbyYuYu on IG has some really cute cupcake designs.  I say you check her out if you're a wannabe Cake Boss like me.

So without much further ado, here are some of my Instagram pics.  Filters and all.  :)

My baby girl in large cement pipe at a playground.  I wanted a picture of her in there because my Daddy used to make those at his old job for many, many years.

Baby girl at pre-ballet class.  Nervous and excited all at the same time.

Looky at my boy throwing a pitch with such great form (if I do say so myself).

My boy happy to have spotted a thrift shop.  All thanks to Macklemore.  :)  His tummy looks bloated thanks to a breeze at the right moment.  heehee.

What mom doesn't melt while finding her babies like this? Love!

A snapshot of one of the popular Austin murals.  At the corner of I-35 & 6th Street not far from my church.  

Sweet Leaf Tea. My absolute favorite (and only) store bought tea.
Austin made, Austin proud.

My wall of crosses.  I've been collecting them since I got married.  

Good Friday at my church.  The Passion Play.  Very powerful and very moving.

Showing off my mani and baby girl's pedi in Tickled Pink by CoverGirl.

Um, I kinda sorta like to play with make-up.

A neat looking cloud that either looks like a dolphin or a swordfish.  You decide.

The super moon.

And what would IG be if there wasn't a selfie?

Here you can see a pretty cool before and after.  In case you're one of the few left that has yet to download the app on your phone and act like a cool photographer.

So there you have it, folks.  Just a few of my Instagram pics and if you have an IG account and would like to follow along then find me at PinkTexasChick.  I guess you can say I have warmed up to the app.  Of course I have plenty of useless photos like my laundry and what not but hey if you can't beat 'em...

Until next time.  :)

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