Summer Ain't Over But School Is In Session

Happy Thursday!  Today is my Tuesday and then it's Friday.  Yippee!  I took some time off to spend with my daughter before her first day of Kindergarten.  Yep, school has started for us and yesterday was her first day.  She was terribly excited and she even had a pep in her step...

Pink Texas Chick
Come on, Daddy!

... that is until we walked into the school building yesterday morning.  She was then terribly terrified.  Although we had been talking about her new school for some time now, she clammed up and began to cry a little when she realized that my husband and I were leaving her.  But you know what?  She looked beyond adorable clutching on to her pink teddy bear refusing to take any more steps.  Her bottom lip quivered a few times and she softly shook her head "no" as the hubs and I began to say our good-byes.  I told myself not to cry because it would then make it worse on her but I am crying as I type this.  I got a tear in my beer sweet tea, y'all.  My baby girl has been in daycare and pre-school since she was two years old so she knows what it's like to be in "school."  But this was a brand new school with a brand new teacher and a brand new set of friends.  And although she was excited about her new school and had already met her teacher, I knew she was going to freak out so I was prepared. 

Pink Texas Chick
Teddy Bear: I can't breathe!
Of course I did the usual "you're going to do great" pep talk and we both told her how much we loved her and how pretty she looked in her uniform and with the pretty hair band on her head.  Nope.  She wasn't having it.  After a couple of minutes she finally began to walk along and I could hear her oh so sweet and soft whimper.  Ugh.  Knife to the heart I tell ya. 

I made it back to my car with no tears but slowly they began to stream down my face.  I knew she was in good hands and my husband and I were confident that she would thrive, grow and learn at this new school.  I just felt so bad for leaving her and I kept praying that God would take away the fear and anxiety and pass it on to me.

Well prayers work because I was on pins and needles all day wondering and worrying about my precious girl.  It turns out that she was over it in a short time and had a great day at school.  When I picked her up she ran to me and told me how much fun she had and what all she did and what she ate and that she saw one of her friends from pre-school and on and on and on.  Yes!  Just what I needed to feel better. Here she is all smiles and with her hair a little undid.  :)

Oh happy day!

And because we have to wake her up earlier than usual I have her favorite song on repeat in the morning to help me wake her up.  Taylor Swift is her girl she says. :) 

Pink Texas Chick

Why is she is in school so early in August?  She is attending a charter school that has a special summer session.  Half days for a week and then school starts full time for the Fall semester on August 19th.  Alrighty, y'all.  Mom is pooped from this emotional week.  Time to spike my sweet tea.  


  1. Half days to start before a full day is what my daughters had and it was great. Enjoy your year with her. Thanks for the post. She is adorable. My granddaughter will be starting preschool May of 2014. They grow so fast. Enjoy Sharefest.

  2. She is beautiful!!! My daughter is only 3 so I haven't had to experience the first day of kindergarten yet, but my goddaughter begins school next week. I'm so excited for her and wish that I could make the 3000 mile trip to be there with her on her first day. As far as spiking the tea...I'm down for that kindergarten or not! Thanks for visiting BeQuoted #sitssharefest


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