Pretty, Creepy and Sweet Vase Decor {Halloween}

Happy Sunday but most definitely Happy Fall, Y'all!  Who's happy to welcome the season? I am!  Yesterday morning the family and I woke up to some cooler temperatures.  It certainly put me in an all-things-pumpkin-spice mood. So I lit my one and only pumpkin spice candle.  Note to self: buy more of those yummy candles!

So after some Saturday giddiness I finished a little Halloween project I started a few days ago.  I got the idea from Better Homes & Gardens and I pinned it to my Halloween board on Pinterest.  At least I think I saw it on the BHG website.  I can't seem to find it anymore.  Here's my copy cat version.  

Pink Texas Chick

A really simple project that can be put together in a snap.  I originally planned to paint some branches from my front yard but when I went to the store my co-worker spotted the faux black roses.  I bought one thinking I would surround it by the painted branches but then later realized I preferred the roses over the branches.  So back I went to store to buy three more roses.  

So here is what I used: 3 bags of candy corn, 1 container of candy pumpkins, 1 black, creepy rubber rat, 4 black faux roses topped with orange and red glitter and my own glass vase.  All were purchased at The Dollar General except for the vase.  That was a wedding gift from a little over twelve years ago.  :)

I pretty much copied the vase from BHG.  I positioned the roses the way I wanted them in the vase and then I began to put the candy in the vase starting with the darker candy corn.  

After the roses were steady and in place I had my kids help me.  They had fun.  It doesn't look like it but that's because they were being a little competitive with each other.  Who can put more candy in the vase?  :)

The vase was then complete and I set it on our console table.  There you see the mail tray I made a couple of years ago.

I used a black rat because I needed something to cover up the chip in the vase and since I was using candy I thought it was perfect.  The rat covers up the chip and it looks like it's eating the candy.  Perfect!

Doesn't it look creepy from up here?  Eeeeeww!  It creeps me out to look at it from that angle but my kids think it's so cool.  

I hope y'all like my copy cat version and may you all have fun crafting and decorating this season.  Now I'm off to enjoy this Fall weather.  :)

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  1. You did such a good job, It IS creepy! Even though I like creepy stuff, I cannot decorate that way around the house, my kids and the hubs are the scare type, that would be way freaky for them!

    1. Actually this is about as creepy we have ever been. We're more into the cute stuff but my kids may be turning a leaf. :)


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