Store Field Trip: five Below

Happy Tuesday! I am still savoring this change in weather and although I am a very cold natured person; walking out my door to cooler crisp weather feels so much better than the triple digit heat we must bear every summer.

Anywho, I just wanted to share with you all a store I just discovered and that recently opened here in Austin (well in my neck of the woods). I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago. five Below. Catchy name, huh?

My first impression of that store was that it was a souped up dollar type store. Everything in the store is $5 or less hence the name. The selection to me was what you would expect in a dollar store but the selection was better (quality & brands) and overall it seemed more aesthetically appealing. A lot more fun stuff if you will.

Look at these stylish jute & cloth storage bins. So pretty and colorful.

Pink Texas Chick

Closet organizers and jewelry storage, etc.


More organizational items.  Lots of goodies here.


Pink Texas Chick
Toys and candy galore!  Great for gifts and parties.

They even had gobs of toys and accessories for those of us with smart phones and tablets.  A whole wall full of stuff.
Books... great selection here :)

Recipe books...
and more books.
They even have a fun selection of socks and house slippers, sport bras and even the oh so trendy scarves.  I say all of these would make for a great slumber party.  No boys allowed of course.

They even have makeup and nail polish but I wouldn't do my face paint shopping here.  Oh but I did spy some Maybelline mascara.  Not bad, not bad.


Lots of hair accessories too.

Oh but these pencil cases would make the perfect makeup bags.  How cute are they?  Some were metallic-like and some were glittery.  Cute!

Lots of school supplies here too but this box of crayons cost $1 and I know I can get it a lot cheaper at other stores.

There some quirky and cute things like a bedazzled shower cap, various candle votive holders and different colored wannabe Dr. Dre beats headphones.

Sports and exercise equipment.  This was actually a pretty good selection. Well if you're a hardcore gym rat then I don't know what your opinion would be.

And a sports fan section.  Because we're in Texas it only made sense to have the Texas teams represented here.

So what did I walk away with?  Well I bought the hubs a Dallas Cowboys money  clip to hold all the Benjamin's Washington's yo.  And I surprised the kids with a couple of gifts for being such good sports and doing well at a new school.

My girl loves to play with Play-Doh so I thought I would buy her a new tool thing-a-mig and some nail stickers.  Yes, the same stickers I used on my #cowboysnation nails.  So I borrowed a couple.  

My boy was in need of another lunch bag and this one was too cool to pass up.  Also, I discovered a long time ago that in order to get your kids to read you gotta give them something that interests them.  Yep, he is enjoying every bit of that Cowboys book.  :)

Overall I liked this new-to-me store and I know I will be going back soon.  There was a party and greeting card area, DVDs, electronic games, sandals, etc.  You know, a little bit of everything and it's all $5 or less!  With the upcoming holidays, five Below is a great place to buy items for prizes, holiday parties or a quick on-the-spot gift like how I surprised my kids. 


  1. Supper catchy names so many goodies in that store, how big is it looks huge.

    1. I would say it's about double the size of a Dollar General, more or less.

  2. We also have that store around here, my kids love to go there to shop for phone and pad cases the most.

    1. I have yet to take my kids but I know they are going to go crazy when I take them! :)


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