DIY Kitty Cat Costume & Makeup {Halloween}

Happy almost Halloween, y'all!  Okay so I told you all a few weeks that I was just learning how to sew and after those lunch hour lessons I decided to tackle my daughter’s Halloween costume.  She told me that she wanted to be a kitty and soon after I started looking for costumes on the web.  After some searching and not really finding what appealed to either of us I told myself: “Self, you just learned how to sew now show the world what you can do!”  Well I can’t do much but I was confident I could accomplish this mission so off to the store I went and in the end this was Kitty Cat costume I “created” for my baby girl. 

bad quality pic, sorry!

I use the term “created” loosely because really all I did was sew on some pink fur on a black leotard and yoga pants and voila I got’er done.  And the makeup was a last minute decision; and I was able to do it all with my own makeup.  There was no time to buy costume makeup but wow a little quick thinking can get you somewhere! 

For the costume I used:

  •  black leotard
  •  black yoga/dance pants
  • 2 pkgs of pink craft fur (from Hobby Lobby)
  • pink thread, sewing needle and shears
  • a lil bit of skill and determination

I did the yoga pants first because I knew that would be less tricky than the wrists on the leotard.  I pinned the fur on the edge of the seam and continued to pin it every few spots until I got back around. 

Once I made it full circle I used my shears to cut the fur right where it would meet back at the beginning (pull the fur back to get a clean cut).  I then sewed it on the top, bottom and the two sides where the fur met. 

I used the same method for the wrist area on the leotard but this one took longer because the wrists were a tight area so I wasn’t able to turn it inside out as needed like how I was able to do the pants.  I tried but when I did the pins would get wacky on me and the fur would not stay aligned.  Oh well but I did get it done.  If you were to turn both pieces inside out if would be beyond obvious that beginner did it.  But I ain’t gonna show ya!  :)

For the cat face look I used these makeup items:

  • brow/eyeliner pencil in 925A (dark brown) by N.Y.C.
  • white E30 eyeliner by Prestige
  • golden/beige cream eyeshadow by Revlon Illuminance (Moonlit Jewels)
  •  jumbo eye pencil by NYX in 602 dark brown
  • white & pink powder eyeshadow (this is my daughter's play eyeshadow)
  • 1 flat shader brush & 1 concealer brush

This is the cat face I tried to copy. I attempted to copy this cat look as best as possible and as fast as possible.  We were already in a mad rush to leave the house for a Halloween party so for reals, y’all, I did this as fast and furious style. Meh, I tried.

I started out by drawing the white lines around my daughter’s face and then I filled them in.  I was a little worried that stroking the eyeliner pencil on her face would be uncomfortable for her but actually the warmth of her face “melted” the eyeliner so really it glided on as I stroked along.  I used the concealer brush to help smooth out the lines so that they would not look so straight-line looking (if that makes sense).  I then set the white eyeliner with the white eyeshadow using the flat shader brush.

Next, I drew the black lines using the black brown eyeliner and then went over those lines with the black eyeliner or the jumbo pencil. 

Lastly, I applied the golden/beige cream eyeshadow (with my ring finger) to my daughter’s nose and eyelids.  I then used the flat shader brush to apply the pink shadow to her nose and eyelids.  I used the cream eyeshadow as a base to give the pink shadow something to stick to so that it wouldn’t rub off.  I also dusted some pink shadow around the white on her cheeks. 

So this was my little project that I worked on for a few days or so.  My second sewing project ever and some mad wannabe MAC artist makeup skillz.  #yayuh  Oh and the ears, tail and bow tie came from Wal-Mart and my girl just had to wear her Hello Kitty shoes with the costume.  :)  What do ya think?

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  1. Awww Look how cute she looks! I'm so glad you're sharpening your sewing lessons :) You did great! Lo mejor es que tuviste a una super happy gatita!


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