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Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Treat Bags {Craft DIY}

Last year I decided to make some treat bags for my boy to take to school but I decided like um on October 29th and it was a tad bit too late.  This year I decided to start early that way I can make a few of them a week without being overwhelmed.

I created Mummy & Frankenstein treat bags.

Pink Texas Chick

UPDATE (10/3/11):
At the request of my son, I made the Frankenstein bag a little more scarier and all I did was add a couple of eyebrows.  I must admit the bag looks much better!  All thanks to my boy not wanting the cutesy stuff.  :)

Pink Texas Chick
These were very simple to make and here's how I did it.
I used the mini size paper bags at Michael's (green) and Hobby Lobby (white).

NOTE: Make a fold on each bag before you begin to decorate the bag that way you will know where to start decorating.

Step 1: Cut strips of black card stock for the hair.  I cut 2"x3 1/2" for this size bag; Make the jagged edge with craft scissors (these come in all kinds of designs)

Step 2: Use adhesive to place on bag

Step 3: Make eyes with 3/4" hole puncher

Step 4: Use black adhesive 'pop-ups' for the pupil to give it a little 3-D action
(these come in a variety of sizes)
Note: These have double-sided adhesive so you
only need to peel the paper off one side
Step 5: Draw the mouth using a black marker

Step 1: Cut two different size strips of white card stock: 1"x3 1/2" & 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Use adhesive to place on bag.
Use the wider strips first to lay out on bag

Use the thinner strips to overlap

Step 3: Dab a sponge brush on a brown color ink pad and color along the edges of the cut card stock

Step 4: Make the eyes using a 3/4" size hole puncher (for the white part) and a two-hole puncher (for the black part); place on bag with adhesive

And there you have it.  Two fun and cute treat bags for your kiddos to pass out at school to their friends or any other function.  You can seal the bags with a Halloween sticker once they are packaged and ready to go.
My son was not to excited about my project until he saw the end result and now he wants to help make the rest.  :) 

We plan to put a small handful of candy corn with a couple of cookies in our bags.  Talk about a sugar high!

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