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Halloween Eyeball Wreath {Craft}

Holy Batman!  Lately I have had the major craft bug and I'm loving it.  I joined Pinterest a few months ago and my Halloween board was one that I was having lots of fun with so many great ideas.  Out of two pins I came up with this fun wreath:

Pink Texas Chick
halloween door
Peering Eyes

My inspiration:

Here is what I used to make it and how I did it:
  • 12" foam wreath
  • 2 black feather boas
  • 1 pkg of small 12 Styrofoam balls
  • craft paint & sponge brushes
  • 1 pkg  of multi-color googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
Step 1:
Paint the Styrofoam balls the color or colors you wish.  I painted mine orange, purple, green, red, yellow, and blue.  I used a jumbo paper clip to hold each Styrofoam ball while I painted.

I also used a dish grip separator thingy to hold on to the paper clip while I painted.  To keep it from slipping from my fingers ya know.  Oh and did you notice the handsome fellow there hitting on me?  :)
I found that it worked best to pour the paint on each ball and then dabbed it in with the sponge brush.  Dipping the sponge brush in paint and then on to the ball did not work very well.

After a couple of minutes of paint dabbing you have each ball looking like this:

Step 2:
While the paint dries on the Styrofoam balls, you can begin to work on the actual wreath. The ends of the feather boas are attached as one big loop so you have to cut where the two ends are knotted together.  Add a strip of glue to the foam wreath where you want to place one end of the boa and attach. 

Wrap the feather boa around the wreath to get full coverage.  There is no need to glue the entire boa to the wreath, just the ends of the boas.  I found that 1 boa only covered half the wreath and luckily I had two on hand.  When you get to the second half, glue the second boa just like how you did in the beginning.  Sorry, folks, I forgot to take photos of this process but it's easy cheesy.

Step 3:
Glue your painted Styrofoam balls together to make a pair of eyes with the hot glue gun. I glued them where I had some white left because that is where the paperclip was inserted.

Step 4:
Once you have your feather boa on the wreath and the Styrofoam balls glued together, add a strip of glue on the wreath to place the eyeballs.  Carefully separate the boa where you want to glue and then quickly attach the Styrofoam balls. Be sure to have those feathers out of the way or else they'll get on the glue.  Add the googly eyes with the glue gun once the eyeballs are in place.

Step 5:
Use some Halloween ribbon to hang your wreath.

You can't see my Halloween ribbon in the pic but I know it's there and sometimes it peeks out.  :)

Bada bing bada boom you have yourself a not-to-spooky yet fun Halloween wreath.  My kids love it especially since there are so many colors.  It was my son's idea to use the multi-color eyes instead of the normal black/white ones.  He sure is getting crafty clever!

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