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Motherhood: Everyday I Am Shufflin'

I remember seeing that commercial many times when I was a young girl and at the time, I did not understand it.  I just went with the flow whenever the grownups around me would say it many times jokingly.  Well now, I get it.  I totally get it. 
I am the proud and privileged mom to two beautiful creatures that the great Lord gave me and I could not ask for a better pair of kids.  Originally, Mr. DP3 and I wanted four kids but after bebe numero uno, we thought ‘well let’s just see how it goes.’  Ha.  Yeah, we were beyond exhausted and the recovery process from my c-section was not all rosy and peachy.  For now, I will not go there and please do not get me started. 
Anywho, we have our handsome boy and our beautiful girl.  I am SO glad I have one of each.  I really am and I just love doing the boy things and the girly things.  As many parents have said before me, my kids are my pride and joy. 
So just, remember that I love them more than words could ever express and that they are my pride and joy.  Okay?  Just remember that, okay?  K.  J
Because oh my gosh am I tired  Can I get an amen?  I don’t know about all you other mama bears out there but I actually daydream of napping all day long and taking bubble baths.  I do stop and smell the roses and wonder what in the world I ever did with my time before I had kids.  Really.  What the hell did I do with all that time? 
Everyday I’m shufflin’ as the current pop group, LMFAO, sings in their Party Rock Anthem song. Yep, every day I am shuffling.
·         My boy has baseball practice once a week and one game a week.
·         He also has two Cub Scout den meetings a month and one pack meeting a month.
·         I do one load of laundry a day in order to keep up with it and so that it will not get out of control, (which has happened and am sure will happen again).
·         My dishwasher is loaded daily and sometimes twice a day on the weekends.
·         Every day I clean a different part of the house just to start over again once the week has ended.  le sigh.
·         Every day I rush out of work to get my daughter from pre-school and my boy from after school care. 
·         Every day I try to have dinner out ASAP because then I’ll start hearing the “I’m hungry” cry.
·         Every day my boy needs help with homework and then we work on his reading skills.
·         Every day my girl puts up a fight when it comes to bedtime and takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to fall asleep.
·         Every morning I have a hard time waking her up and getting her dressed.
·         Every day I try to spend quality time with my kids, together and individually. 
·         Every day I try to spend quality time with the mister but he too is quite the busy man working, studying day in, and day out.
·         Every day I try to have “me” time.  Ha!  I made a funny.
·         Every day I’m shufflin’
I did not even mention the constant birthday parties, school functions, family functions, or church functions.  Don’t get me wrong, folks.  I am not complaining.  I love my life and I love being a wife and mother.  You just don’t know how hard it is until you do it but; then I realize that it is all worth it.  At least to me it is and I know it is to all of you moms and pops too.  I love my kids and the way they love me back.  I love baking cookies for them, surprising them with some fresh squeezed limonada (limeade) on a hot Texas day or making them atole de avena (oatmeal) on a chilly morning. 
And although I do something every day, my house is far from perfect every day.  Believe me.  Laundry always needs to be folded and put away and even if I’m always cleaning, there is still a mess somewhere else in the house. 
So yes, Calgon can take me away but not for long because I have to get back to my hubby, beautiful babies and the crazy, hectic but fun whirlwind I signed up for when I said ‘I do’.  J

"Calgon, take me away!"

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