Pink Princess Cupcakes + Party Decor Poms

Hola everyone!  I just realized today that next week is March!  What in the world?  Wow.  Well my sweet girl turned four at the end of January and we had her party a three weekends ago.  Gahlee, and I'm just getting around to sharing this with you guys.  Although I had planned to share the experience of her entire party with plenty of photos, I decided not to because well it did not work out that way.  That day was too busy and a bit stressful for me to take all the photos that I wanted but I at least want to share the cupcakes that I made for her with you all.  I was mighty proud of myself.  :)

Check out the Pink Princess Cupcakes I made for my girl.

Pink Texas Chick

A Pinterest Fail

Happy Sunday, y'all!  We are experiencing some crazy Texas weather today.  Sometime before 1 p.m. just out of the blue it started to snow and sleet.  Yes, and for us Central Texans that is exciting oh-my-gosh-what-do-we-do type of weather.  Seriously, we don't know how to drive in the stuff so we waited a bit to see if it would last or not.  It lasted for a little over an hour and we were thrilled and cold! Ah but tomorrow we will be back in the 60's and later on in the week we'll be in the 70's and that is how I like it.  :)

Okay on to my confession, er, make that confessions.  There were two pins of mine on Pinterest that inspired me to do a crafting project and a baking first.  Like everyone else that pinned this brownie/cupcake, I too jumped on the bandwagon and decided to make a batch for a Valentine's Day treat.  Except my treats did not turn out like this delish beauty.

Courtesy of Jen Del Muro's blog 

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