A Pinterest Fail

Happy Sunday, y'all!  We are experiencing some crazy Texas weather today.  Sometime before 1 p.m. just out of the blue it started to snow and sleet.  Yes, and for us Central Texans that is exciting oh-my-gosh-what-do-we-do type of weather.  Seriously, we don't know how to drive in the stuff so we waited a bit to see if it would last or not.  It lasted for a little over an hour and we were thrilled and cold! Ah but tomorrow we will be back in the 60's and later on in the week we'll be in the 70's and that is how I like it.  :)

Okay on to my confession, er, make that confessions.  There were two pins of mine on Pinterest that inspired me to do a crafting project and a baking first.  Like everyone else that pinned this brownie/cupcake, I too jumped on the bandwagon and decided to make a batch for a Valentine's Day treat.  Except my treats did not turn out like this delish beauty.

Courtesy of Jen Del Muro's blog 

On Friday, I quickly looked up the recipe that Jen referred to on her blog and skimmed over the directions for this sweet concoction.  Had I paid more attention my brownie/cupcake would not have turned out like this.

Whomp. Whomp.  So they did not turn out like my inspiration but they were at least tasty and I was able to put my own spin on it which kinda sorta camouflaged my mistake.  I made my own frosting and topped each one with a Sweethearts candy.  See they don't look so bad now, right?

Like I said, I looked over the recipe too quickly and made them last night oh around midnight-ish so that my son could take them to his Sunday school classmates.  Nobody there cared that they were mess ups and so the kids savored them up like it was no body's bidness.  Yay for frosting magic and popular candies to save this mama.  :)

On to my second Pinterest project fail.  I just love the idea of making wreaths out of cupcake liners so I thought of doing something a little different if you will.  My kitchen window is pretty plain so I thought it would be quite darlin' if I hung individual heart-shaped foam cut outs decorated with cupcake liners.  Cute idea, huh?  Well I at least think so.  This was my inspiration:
From Daily Wedshare

I am a natural born love-to-bake kinda girl so I thought this would be perfect decor for my kitchen.  Well my first mistake was to start this craft project on a day I was not feeling so well and with very little time.  After about half an hour I gave up and left my wannabe decor looking like this:

Ah well, they all aren't gems.  I really like this idea I came up with so I will continue to work on this project later on this year.  That way it will hopefully be ready by next year's Valentine's Day holiday season.  There I have humbled myself by confessing some of my mistakes.  'Cause I gotta be honest with my friends and let them know I am not quite like Martha.  I have a ways to go.  :)


  1. I had read about cake pops and thought they sounded easy so I offered to bring them to an office birthday party (before I had even attempted any). My first batch was a "fail" too...only a few ended up looking decent. I ended up sticking those on top of a quickly made one layer sheet cake. I was embarassed but nobody else even cared 'cause everything tasted fine. Thanks for sharing you "less than perfect" cupcakes...they look great to me.

  2. Your blog is so cute. I totally enjoyed this post, I can never seem to have the same results as these girls on Pinterest either! I don't get it! Thanks for sharing and being so candid.

    1. Thank you so much! I told myself last year and at the beginning of this year (again) to continue trying new things. So I am sure that is not the last of my failed attempts. ha!

  3. Everyone has to have at least one Pinterest fail :)


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