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Friday, March 2, 2012

Easter Carrot Decor {Craft DIY}

Howdy y'all!  I had to greet you all in Texan talk because today is Texas Independence Day.  Yee-haw!  Okay, I really don't talk like that unless I'm goofing around with my kids and no one else is around.  :)

Easter is a little over a month away so I have begun decorating and getting my craft on and I started out with some carrots.  Just like Halloween, I wanted to dress up my little hallway area and I kinda sorta challenged myself.  The challenge was to decorate the area for Easter but with no eggs whatsoever.  After about three days of thinkin' I thought I would try to make carrots out of styrofoam cones. 
Yep, I thought it and I did it.  Check it:

Okay, so here is the low down to this faux bunny food craft.  I started out using two different size styrofoam cones and cut each one in half.

I then sanded the edges to smooth them out and I also sanded the tips to give them a more rounded look.

Next, I began to paint the cones.  I painted them the same way I painted the eyeballs on my Halloween wreath.  I poured the paint onto the cones, stippled the paint with a foam brush and repeated as necessary.  I also used a large paper clip to hold the cones as I painted.  I used Jack-o-Lantern orange by Americana.

While the "carrots" dried, I snipped each stem from some greenery I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I used nose hair pliers to clip each stem.  I got a little tutorial from my hubby on how to use this thing.  I thought I was supposed to use the tip to clip, er, nope.  After 10 minutes I was utterly frustrated until the mister laughed at me and showed me how.  Ohhhhh, okay got it now.  :)  I don't know what this type of greenery is called but the number on the tag said 830083 and it was made in China.  oops.

Alrighty, almost done.  After the cones were dry I inserted two stems at the top of each cone.  No need for glue or anything.  Just take a stab it and push each down as far as you can get it in there, no wiggle rooms for these guys at all.

Lastly, I tied some yellow ribbon around each carrot and used that same ribbon to hang the carrots from my wall sconces.  The candles on the sconces including all of my supplies for this project are from Hobby Lobby.  I heart Hobby Lobby and their sales and their weekly coupon.  :)

I must say I surprised myself but it was pretty cool to wow my kids once they saw the end result.  I think I'll continue to challenge myself and see what I come up with next.  :)

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