I have been going non-stop since this past Friday evening starting with a big family dinner to celebrate an uncle's 60th birthday.  We were gone all weekend long.  Saturday it was errands then visited with family for some much overdue family time.  All day Saturday until the late evening/night.  You see my hubby is currently studying for the CPA exam so no one in the fam gets to see him much.  He basically took this past weekend off to visit with as many as he could before hitting the books again and getting slammed at work now that tax season is underway.  Sunday it was church, Cub Scout meeting, grocery shopping and finally baseball practice.

It is Monday night and I just sat down to watch a little tube and unwind before jumping in the shower and going to bed.  But really I have no business sitting down to do that much less take a few minutes to write this post.  I need to finish folding laundry, clean my kitchen counters and stove top.  But I am tired and my feet are killing me.  My joints are hurting too.  No, I ain't old.  I just have a little unspecified connective tissue disease.  Yeah, bummer deal but I am not going to touch on that now.  I just want to get some virtual hugs from the rest of the pooped out mommies out there.  You know just to say, "I feel ya girl!"  Don't get me wrong now.  I love my family and our life.  I am just super duper tired.  Like I've said before, everyday I'm shufflin'.  I think Mama needs massages on a regular basis.  Okay now that I have sat and "relaxed" for a few I'm going to clean a little more and call it a night.  No, the house is not completely tidy and mess free.  I have tomorrow and the day after, right?  In my Scarlet O'Hara voice, "After all tomorrow is another day." :)

You see how Scarlet looks like hammered you-know-what right here?   Yep, that's me.  She's vowing to never be hungry again.  I'm vowing to one day catch up including my DVR.
Buenas noches, blog world.

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  1. Wonderful as ever! I've been in love with your blog for a while and I just gave you an award. Please come and see - http://meehameeha.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-brightest-secret.html


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