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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween & Fall Mantel

First, I’d like to say that my heart goes out to everyone in the east coast and I really do hope everyone will be okay in the end.  The whole nation has your back!
I thought I would share my Halloween/Fall mantel with you all.  Of course after today it will be a Thanksgiving/Fall mantel  and hopefully I’ll be able to add some turkey-type touches to it.  That’s if all the stores have not rid of their autumn related merchandise (a pet peeve of mine.)  I was inspired to do this mantel after pinning several pumpkin and witch ideas on my Fun Halloween Ideas board.  On Pinterest of course.  I realized just this Halloween that I have an attraction to pumpkins and witch hats over other Halloween decorations.  So instead of having it spread throughout my house, I decided to put it all together on my mantel and fireplace. 

Pink Texas Chick

I really do love pumpkins and witch hats and after putting this together I wish I had more.  Clearance sales here I come!  Most of these items were purchased over the years either on sale (a good sale) or on clearance.  It’s my M.O.    I did, however, buy a couple of bags of decorative squash.  After reading a short article on pumpkins, squash, and gourds in the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine (p. 105); I was not only educated but inspired to use these as part of the fireplace décor.  It was fun to learn those tidbits from the article but so did my son and he is going to share that information at school in a “Show and Tell” type way.   Confession: I made him read the article but then he was intrigued and had the “oh that is kinda neat” reaction.  Yay me.
The witch pumpkin, boa and other pumpkins are all from Hobby Lobby. The black crow from Michael's and that witch hat is from my local grocery store. The hat was a $1 clearance score! 

Pink Texas Chick

This black lantern is from my friend's wedding.  I knew I would use it for something and it looks perfect with a mini pumpkin and squash.  The candle votive is from Hobby Lobby and the witch pumpkin from Kohl's.

Pink Texas Chick

See the pink witch hat?  I have some masking tape holding it down on the tile. And I used the black tulle to cover it up.  Thinking, always thinking I tell ya.  

Pink Texas Chick

See that ash in the fireplace?  Ignore it.  Hubby was told asked to clean it out and he has yet to do it.  Ahem.
Pink Texas Chick

So there ya have it.  My lil 'ol Halloween mantel.  Forgive the bit of blury-ness.  I have no fancy smanchy camera yet.  Anywho, I like the pumpkin and witch hat combination.  It suits me.  heehee.  Kidding.  Happy Halloween!

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