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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Organizing da Hair Accessories

Before my daughter was born it was just the hubby, our boy and me.  I only had me to worry about when it came to all things hair.  Then baby girl came along and little by little the hair accessories, combs, brushes and everything else started to pile up and take over my middle bathroom drawer.  Up until a couple of weeks ago my hair accessory drawer looked like this:

It was so bad and I couldn't stand it any longer.  Actually it had been quite some time that I could not stand but I finally got around to organizing it.  While still on holiday vacation in early January, the kids and I took a field trip to The Container Store.  One of my new favorite stores.  Love!

After browsing, browsing, browsing and more browsing I finally got down to business.  Mainly because the kids were getting restless otherwise I could have spent the whole day there and compiled a huge wish list.  I came home with some Linus drawer organizers and after a major make-over our hair accessories bathroom drawer looked like this:

I can't believe how much better it looks and my baby girl kept looking at it and just wanted to stand there and admire it.  She loved it so much and was excited to get her hair did every morning.  :)

This is how I started off this organizing mission.  I measured the drawer so that I would know how much space I had to work with while I shopped for the organizers.

It was a little overwhelming to see all of my choices at The Container Store.

But thankfully I had my measurements so I put some bins together and came up with this design to go in my drawer.  Bad shot, sorry.

I bought a 4-section bin, two small ones, one large one and came home to start the organizing.

This is what it looked like after try numero uno.

On the top left I used the 4-section bin and below that I used two 3"x6" bins and to the right I used a 6"x15" bin.  I had a couple of inches left at the very front so I put my daughter's hair detangler and water bottle in that spot.  It was almost perfect.  After having it like this for a few days I realized that I didn't like that big bin on the right with ponytail holders and hairbands.  I also didn't like that I had bobby pins and hair clips grouped together in one (4-section bin).

So back to The Container Store I went and bought two 3"x2" bins, one 6"x9" bin and one more 3"x6" bin.  I rearranged a bit and this was the final look.  I was much happier with this set up and it worked better.  No mixing up bobby pins with hair clips or hair bands with elastics.

Oh and see that water label on the Suave bottle up above?  Well that was a detangler that I bought a while back but I did not like it too much.  So I watered it down as I used it and once it once completely empty I used it as just a spray water bottle.  That was the first label I made after I bought my label maker that I mentioned in my last post.  And the white bottle to the left of it is a detangler I'm using now but I'm not too crazy about it either.  I was on a mission to organize all these hair products but I'm also on a mission to find the perfect detangler for my girl's beautiful hair.  Suggestions welcome.  :)

So don't ya think this looks mucho mucho better?  Not only was my girl giddy after the much needed makeover but so was I.  Both of our hair accessories are no longer lost and there is a compartment for each different one.  Well her hair bows are on in her room but that's about it.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  On to the next project!  :)