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Tag! I Am It.

Hilary over at My So-Called Home included me in her Tag! You're It! Blogger game. Forgive me, Hilary, for taking so long but I had writer's block. Here's how it goes:

The Rules:You must post the rules.Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.Tag eleven people and link them on your post.Let them know you've tagged them!Hilary's questions for me:

What is your drink of choice at Starbucks? (Bonus points if you can say it in correct jargon.)Oh jeez, me no drink Starbucks.  It's too fancy smanchy for moi and I have no idea how to order at that place.  This girl loves to drink McDonald's coffee, decaf.  Yes, decaf.Do you use Twitter?Sure do. My Twitter handle is @PinkTexasChick. I am on it, most days but do take a day off here and there.  What do you wear to work?No suits because I don't own one but it's business c…

Valentine Yarn Wreath {Craft DIY}

Hola.  Well before I begin to show you my Valentine's Day wreath I kinda want to pat myself on the back because this wreath makes my third one in five months. I had never made a wreath before until this past October when I made my Halloween wreath.  Wreath making is one of those crafts I never tackled and always wanted to but never did because I just did not know where to begin. After a little planning and inspiration I came up with this wreath:

I have seen many yarn wreaths around the dubya dubya dubya (internet) and that stroked my curiosity to make one for my freshly painted front door.  My inspiration for this wreath came from the many yarn wreaths I've seen and also from this front door decor I pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago.  --------> Cute, huh? It's actually a seller on Etsy that has this up for grabs.

Anywho, here goes the lowdown on how I made my very first yarn wreath.  First let me begin by saying that my hands and wrists were sore after wrapping the …

Easy Cheesy Penne Pasta {Recipe}

This past Saturday was my hubby's birthday and although we had some fun, party food for his birthday celebration I thought I would make one of his favorite dishes for dinner last night.  Baked Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce.  He loves it and adores me even more every time I make it for him and the kids.  So why not share this really easy recipe with you all?  It is my own little creation that I came up with not long after I was married.  I originally wanted to recreate a dish I ordered while on our honeymoon but ended up with this concoction.  Or something like that.

Now before I go all bragging about this savory dish, first let me say there is not much to brag about the actual cooking part but it sure does look and taste scrumptious.  I mean for someone who is not at all Italian and knows nothing of such fine cuisine, I would say this ain't bad at all.  So go ahead and try for ya self.  :)

Baked Penne Pasta w/Meat Sauce
Ingredients: 1 lb. bag of penne pasta 1 lb. lean ground beef Ex…

Ramblings and Resolutions of 2012

Heya!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying those football playoffs.  Our beloved Cowboys did not get very far, our hometown boy, Drew Brees, sadly did not get a win yesterday with his New Orleans Saints and today the Houston Texans lost their very first play-off game ever.  Big shout out to all and a huge pat on the butt back from me.  :)
Anywho, 2011 came and went and I'm ready to tackle 2012 head on.  Resolution wise anyway.  Here is what I have in store for me, my home, my health and my relationships.
Dive Into Serious DIY: I have been following a ton of DIY blogs for about two years now and I have been a dedicated viewer of HGTV and the DIY Network.  Enough watching and note taking and time to start hunkering down in the casa and attempt to do something.  Well I did revamp this pretty little thang BUT I've done nothing to the house.  I freely admit that I envision so much being done in my house but I am so scared to actually attempt it just to screw it all up.  Yes,…

Making Tamales with Grandma

Happy NewYear, Y’all!I am a bit late on this but I still want to share this post with you.

Tamalada 2011 at Grandma's House.

A tradition in my family and many, many Mexican-American families is to make tamales during the Christmas season also called a tamalada.Making tamales is one of my favorite past times with my grandmother and the rest of la familia.Correction: helping my grandmother make tamales is one of my favorite past times.No, I do not know how to make them by myself from start to finish.I have been an assistant ever since I was a little girl.My mother and grandmother taught me how to spread the masa evenly on the cornhusks with the back of a spoon.I remember that it was not quite so easy for me in the beginning.Many times I ended up with a glob or two on each tamal and an adult would fix the spread.Some people use a butter knife to spread the masa but I was taught to use a spoon and that is how I still do it to this day. Here is my workstation at my grandma’s house just a …